Reviews for "Bytesize"

love it

iv'e allways loved them all.

JohnnyUtah and stamper is still my favorites

The reviewer below me is a bloody moron

Great flashes,
your a idiot


your speaking to the OWNER of the site :P im pretty sure he knows where it iz. anyways these r all great. it wuz an awsome idea 2 keep it posted permanantly :)

Pure awesomeness

I loved them. And I also agree that other artist should be able make new flashes for Bytesize.

And Dazmi: Everyone of us knows Bytesize is on the frontpage. Tom simply decided to add it to the collection of normal flashes.


stampers are the best but i still can't belive 36.1 KB! .1! Very good. i applaud you once again TomFulp.