Reviews for "Bytesize"

put it back

awsome flash i saw theres more stuff then there was when it was on the front page but it still should of been kept on the front page 10/10 nice work

Stamper's made me lol the hardest...

If you loved me, you'd give me some of that hot deck! rofl

Bring ByteSize Back

This Kickass collaberation belongs on the NG frontpage!!!

1 word: Lol

I used to love seeing this on the frontpage of Newgrounds. Ah, those were the days. I hope you plan to bring it back again. I think my favorites were all movies made by Stamper and Johnny Utah. I tell ya I never see them around anymore. Keep up the good work Tom and everyone else who contributed!

Update: Glad to see this got updated


haha this is funny! XD lol BuddhaWasOnCrack stamper is hilarious... though i am offended by ur username because i am buddhist...