Reviews for "Bytesize"

I speak a little chinese :3

This was awesome. I loved stampers submissions the most. ADD MORE.

Nice !!

Stamper and Adam Phillips contributions were one of the best, definetly worth watching over again.

F**king Funny!!!

My fav was the part where the guy was playin guitar and that one other guy busted thru da window. "You ugly peice of Sh*t!.F*ck You!!" LOLOLOLOLOL


This was so amazingly hilarious especially Stampers, and Utahs.
That reverse role's stamper did was so freakin' funny, so funny that the only thing that could top it would be the asian resturant.
I was expecting the asian guy to say sometin' like
"Sweet sour sauce in yo face beetch" But I think the quiet, smiling nod fit in the whatzit a lil more.

So good!

Stampers animation is the best, his comedy is so classic!