Reviews for "Bytesize"

Pretty good. I like it's ''Cartoon-TV-Style'' 4\5

mommy i miss daddy

Oh man, this brings back memories! I can't actually remember watching any of these, but since 2007 was probably one of my most active years here I must have. This is like a gigantic collaborative effort, tons of different styles and ideas, and plenty of twisted and bizarre ones. Just think about all the ad-revenue these artists are missing out on though, seems everyone should be listed as a collaboratee. Would be awesome if something like this could make its way back on the frontpage too, btw. Great works!


Thank you... Thank you!!!!!!!! and Thank you! This is one of my favorite submissions. I'm so glad it has a permanent home here on Newgrounds. I simply LOVE this submission.

I know for a while it disappeared from NG. Thank you for bringing it back.


a NG classic

Small, but epicly awesome