Reviews for "Bytesize"

Super nostalgic, what happened to the "Yo Dawg Wanna play some B-Ball?" one where the black dude gets punched in the balls?

TomFulp responds:

It turns out a lot of files were missing. I gathered them up and turned the whole thing into a video, have a look! The one you're looking for is at the very end :)

The funny thing is that I have actually seen most of these cartoons already! I always go on the websites and YT pages of these people to see other cartoons they have made. This is really what a long cartoon should be. It's just a neverending series of short cartoons. I guess you could have gone further. I wish it was the longest cartoon here.

I mean, you can never can tired of this. My favorite was chulaid. Well, he is probably my favorite user featured here. With the infinite number of brief cartoons we've made this could probably go on forever. Make it the longest animated movie ever! They're all so entertaining.


Sweet nostalgia, Adam Philips and Johnny Utah were among my favorite!

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