Reviews for "Bytesize"

Its good.

Lots of variation, maybe it should get its own channel.

Tom is back and he's producing some great stuff!

That was absolutely brilliant. I hope that all of the stuff that comes out for the new bytesize player is this good! Kudos for the good job and welcome back to the flash world!


Those were all pretty decent animations and all, but whats the point of having them in the Portal if I can just view them on the front page?
Still, the shorts where all very funny, especially Stamper's!

It's good Tom,

But why re-submit it in the portal if it's already on the front page? Of course the cartoons are funny and all, but it I don't really see the point. I mean sure, you give us the history of Bytesize and that's helpful, but maybe you're right. At least they'll be here in the portal so our kids can see what we did when we were their age... If we still talk to them when our ex-wives take custody of them and they'll eventually hate us forever because we spend too much time on the computer and not enough time with other people.

Ching chang chong

I love the Bytesize series, and it would be a shame if they were to leave the front page, but I suppose you're right about the jokes getting overheard :/.

Hope something good takes it's place if it was to go :).