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Reviews for "Incident:010A Song"

Ignore the review below me.

Screw him. This is what people like, so this is what people want. It's first in all-time best and the best of the week.

Meonly70 responds:

People can review however they like, I honestly don't believe shunning them is right. I also don't believe they're being inconsiderate or angry either.

I don't control people's wants or their feelings towards my music, i can only hope they enjoy it. Newgrounds users voted my song to be at the top, and they have every right to vote it down as much they see fit.

I thank those who enjoy it and I thank those for giving me their opinions whether it be constructive or not.

wow neat

woooow Equation and Tiger360, dont be jerks... this is actualy a really nice song, would suit a a video game really well. so why dont u guys just STFU and get a life...
great song BTW

Its like listening to my broken tv

What the guy below me said.

Piece of shit

Sounds cheap.... You must Love FL studio and its standard presets. Horrible EQ'ing at the end as well, may as well blow someones speakers with that awful attempt


This is pretty sick man, really would suit a film or game, well done! :)