Reviews for "Superstar Beatdown"


I was like okay this is getting boring and start charging the character through everything and then saw THE GIANT BOWLING BALL! Fell over and pissed my self laughing...then had some fun :D great game and although was extremely repetetive, It could keep me entertained for hours! really is spectacular!

Ahaha priceless.

Never seen a game like it. Really fun being able to pick up anything and smash, bash and throw around at your character.

Awesome 5/5 Very original and funny, keep it up!

It gets old.

Ok, the visuals for this game were great, the animation and gameplay was incredibly fluent, and the enviorment was wonderful.

It's an interactive playfield for mayhem!

Unfortunately it is extremely repetitive, letting the game down. If you added more levels, more specific objectives etc... I could see this game winning weekly awards.

short and sweet

and fun to beat the crap out of them . i wanted explosives though

Holy crap.

There is nothing better than throwing Paris Hilton around the city and beating her to death with a giant bowling ball.

There seems to be a problem with throwing the celebrity off the screen and then being stuck until the timer runs out, though.