Reviews for "Sentry Fortress"

awesome game!

Nice game with all the effects and achievments and stuff but for the sentry gun achievment i did it and it didnt give me the achievment does the gun have to b full ammo and health or something like that. Well anyone good game all the same but in the real game u can be a snpier soldier and all that stuff so it would have been awesome to be one of them instead of just the contruction dude. well thats all i can think of good game!

karoliso responds:

I reply with the same: It's called SENTRY Fortress for a reason.

its petty good.

i have TF2 myself and its a good game, and this is a good reflection of it.

all you need to do is place a dispenser, stand by it and hold down the fire button, it gives out ammo and health infinitly (allthough you have to wait untill it's completley filled).

Jim Profit

Unfortunately, this IS like playing Team Fortress 2... and that is not a good thing.

The music, sound, is superb, I cannot deny that. You do a good job of putting the TF2 classes into a two dimensional format But that's the thing... TF2 is no fun as a two dimensional platformer, because it makes the game even more grueling, unbalanced, and tedious then before. (If that was humanly possible) It is ironic that the engineer is the most broken class in the normal game, but here, he will never get a chance to make a building, because since there's only two directions for the characters to go, eventually it's going to be destroyed. I do like how the spy can "go through" enemies while cloaked, though he should still be unable to attack. That's more of a "should be in the real TF2" then critic to this game however.

You've got programming skills good sir, I'll give you that. I'm working on my own game, and if you were to work for me, I'd put them to good use. It's got great sound, great graphics, great controls, but there's just one problem... it's not fun.

So I feel I'm contradicting myself giving you a one on the face, but a 9 out of 10 stars. But I don't know how else to express that you did a really good job, it's just an aggravating "game". Though I don't think that can be helped when basing it off Team Fortress 2. I think all the more so when it's just you against several opponents. When has blue team ever been that competent anyway?

This was submitted in 2008, so I suppose TF2 felt a lot different back then, but nowadays TF2 would be akin to a Sims game and Mario Party. Where you do a bunch of stupid mini games, and customize your character with hats. But by no means am I discouraging you. This is a very well done piece of work from a mechanical standpoint, (you even made melee viable, good job) I just did not find it at all fun to play.

dude this game is complictaed but still good

cool a good tf2 flashgame