Reviews for "Sentry Fortress"


I could really imagine alot of people going completely agog over this if you spent a few months on it, and gave it a multiplayer. It really does a good job of portraying TF2, and there's alot of potential in the idea.


but i have a couple of ideas for a better game!
1:you need teammates,i dont really know how i survived!so have an allys menu aswell as an enemys.
2:have a couple of more characters.
3:have the pistol!
4:you really need upgradable sentrys!
all i can say(and remember what i was gonna say :p)

Needs moar upgrade

It was awesome how you captured the GUI of the game perfectly, but I wish that the sentries could be upgraded.

Not bad

Fun for first 3-4 minutes.

Nice artwork

It really looked like tf2 and I really enjoyed playing it and only if the sentries were upgradeable.