Reviews for "Sentry Fortress"

good gaME


A good beginning!

This is a great game. It's fast paced action and takes a while to get boring. The animation is smooth and high quality and is a great tribute to the art style in Team Fortress 2. The controls are adequate and pretty simple to use.
Sometimes I did find it quite hard... I couldn't hold back the group at all, while other times I didn't die once. This is the only inconsistency I found but doesn't really detract from the game. I think the animation used in your game is probably the best (TF2-based) I've seen. I think with more ground-levels it would be even better.
A complete sidescrolling TF2 style flash game is the only improvement that would really be able to impress me more than this already does.
Great work and very enjoyable game.

hahaha i guess im a natural

i started the game, didn't build a sentry or anything, then had to go eat, expected to lose, but came back to the "you succesfully defended the railroad"

Amazing job

I'm impressed, this is almost just like the real engineer.
Great job, I LOVE it.

Just awsomeness!

You should make one where you can be all classes.