Reviews for "THE Red Knight"

Egotistic Bastard's review

0.5 lost for the stance which looks akward, 0.5 for the knee pad placement. 1 for the fact that i hate giving any thing a score of more than 8

dommi-fresh responds:

wow you're a egotistic bastard.


My favorite knight! Awesome man. U kick ASS!

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks bagel... your tasty

The Red Knight RULES!

that is a really good job bu the head is too small for that body.

dommi-fresh responds:

maybe your body is too small for your head.

Good job

A cool realistic looking version of my favorite, the lightning red knight

dommi-fresh responds:

that is what it is

Love it

Reminds me of the crusade.
This style your using really brings out the gritty Dark Age.

dommi-fresh responds:

you were around during the crusades? wow you must be old man.