Reviews for "THE Red Knight"


What type of color did you use?
paint or color pencil?

dommi-fresh responds:

water colour paint

Really Cool!

Just one question Did you really draw this on paper?... And if you did... YOU ARE A GOD!

dommi-fresh responds:

yes i did draw it on paper.... now to test my new god powers


swords too small, knee is weird, shield ir red....... ummmm its....uh...on..paper...idk lol jk man makin fun of the nitpickers

dommi-fresh responds:

yea man some people are bloody picky


why all your arts are so fucking cool jaja

dommi-fresh responds:

cause something need to balance out my extreme nerdiness

I agree with the Egotistic Bastard

The knee looks a little screwey.
But I also must say, it looks much more beautiful than Dans' design.

dommi-fresh responds:

your face is a bit screwy