Reviews for "THE Red Knight"

By far...

The most detailed, amazing and inspiring knight I think I've ever seen and will see.

dommi-fresh responds:

:O < Oface

Amazing art.

I seriously love this, however the sword looks somewhat wrong to me. The handle is way too long for a broadsword, not even a hand a half. That looks more like a Scottish claymore to me, yet. The blade is too short, and a bit too thin. Kinda looks like an estoc. But eh! Other than that I love it.

I love the way the surcoat covers most of his armor. Which is actually accurate, and kinda looks like a knight templar. And the heater shield. I love the fact is actually proportioned correctly. Often you see artists either make them too small or too big.

dommi-fresh responds:

my excuse for the sword is that in the game most of the swords and weapons are fantasy swords. so i did the same.

Effing Awesome!

This is exactly how I imagined the knights to look like as well.
I also really love armor from the Crusades like the Knights Templar and Hospitalers.

PS: I may steal this style from ya. lol

dommi-fresh responds:



In my opinion, there's not enough Castle Crashers content on Newgrounds. This is awesome. Fantastically drawn and has a real medieval feel to it. Great!

dommi-fresh responds:

tah love


Loved it. now in order to satisfy my outragous fan-boner you should make make an action shot involving his lighting or beating the snot of the big barbarian :D

dommi-fresh responds:

good idea.