Reviews for "The Conquistadores"


I knew it was you, amazing composition, I JUST reviewed one of your other songs. Like I said before, you are an amazing ear for music, you very talented, keep up the great work!

samulis responds:

Thanks for the great review, I'm glad you liked the piece. :)

Good luck with your own pieces, I'll try and see if I can check them out sometime.


This is awesome. Sounds like James Horner's Zorro scores. I especially love the castanets!

You should consider adding more to the top Horn line. Maybe some countermelodies with trombones and tuba? Also, some of the faster horn notes sound extremely unrealistic- try changing to a staccato sample for those 2-3 notes?

Also a solo trumpet do your song some justice. Very Spanishy.

Props, dude.

samulis responds:

Thanks for the great feedback,

If I come around to working on this piece again, I will be sure to take your ideas into consideration. It should be fairly doable and will make it much better sounding. :)

Thanks again!

Great one!

Listening this one for the second time, I realize it has quite the memorable melody, powerful sound, feels like a Roman time scene going on in here. :D

samulis responds:

Glad you like it... and the Romans. :)

Coming to save it all!!

Has a very dynamic feel as if watching three best friends ride together to save the day and get ready for a face off with the person causing everyone else problems as well which is pretty cool feeling on this one. The way the beat moves, gives you a feel of watching a close up of them all riding on horses or ponies here.

The drums feel very epic like and quite swell too which is nice. The trumpets play up a good tune and give a happy dynamic feel. The violins are classy and give a feel of this happening in time long ago as well.

Overall, very epic old time song.

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samulis responds:

Thanks for the nice review. I am very glad you enjoyed the song. :)

Good song

Nice song that creates some very intense images in my head.
Some "conquistadores" arrive at an yet unknown land, they are high and mighty and they want to conquer the land for their own good, not caring if other people already live there.

However, after a while the song does get a bit repetitive, but I guess that's only because it's so short and I'm listening to it the 4th time in a row now. ^^

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samulis responds:

Nice imagery. :)

It is a bit repetitive... If I have some extra time I might consider making a new arrangement of this that is a bit more adventurous (no pun intended).