Reviews for "E.P.W Second Clip"

By Second Clip

Do you mean a repeat of the exact same thing that you submitted days earlier?

its ok, but at least you could made more movement.

you could put more action and all that think, the chacter could have rolled, jumped, and cut the monster. you could put somthing of the comon action of maddnes. :P

ErnestoGod responds:

well...... thnx for the next clip i think put more movement....


it would be better if it had more jumping, running and movements. 8/10 3/5

I liked it

I like your animiation style...

I'd like to see you make a future flash with more of a storyline


keep up the good work

ErnestoGod responds:

well.. thanx! i don't have the storyline complete XD but i think make a big animation! X'd

:O !!!!!!!!!!

:O mmm bueno muy bueno! trata de trabajar las rotaciones de los mounstruos haciendole un zoom a sus cabezas, las giras y luego l equitas el zoom con el cuerpo ya volteado. .. bueno solo es una idea...