Reviews for "//Necropolis Prelude"

I wish I had more stars...

If that's a prelude, then I can't wait for episode one.

JazLyte responds:

I wish you had more stars too XD Thanks man


cant wait for the series

JazLyte responds:

thanks, first movie's done, go check it out =)


I can tell by this that it's going to be acting. The voice acting is what really amazes me though. It sounds proffesional. 10/10

Black People plus Anime Equals

One of the most unbelievably awesome things. Im honstly sick of seeing a oddball pop-shots at our race within animations (commercial and non). Someone of African american decent is always there with enormous lips and making the rest of the cast look better by comparison. It is always nice to someone put us in a good role. I kno somebody will probably give some A-hole remark about race, but dont let them phase u in the least. And to also be given the fact that this will contain Christian stuff, is AMAZING too, but the idea of having both blacks and the cross in a flash series, may be a bit risky for the sake of the flash, however, by golly go for it man. 10/10 5/5 I cant wait to see the first installment, and if I could submit any voice acting, or music or anything to help u out, would be a pleasure. Good Luck

JazLyte responds:

Yea, man it took much debate whether I would include my faith in with black anime when really the only other comparisons out there is the overly expletive Boondocks or the overly violent Afro Samurai, I know that it'll come off a bit odd. Especially when the common sentiment is that if it involves God, it's conservative, fundamental, and watered down. But it'll be raw enough to be realistic without being over the top vulgar. Thanks man, I appreciate the sentiment.


how this series ain't been picked up by the mainstream tv idiots is beyond me. oh wait their idiots d'uh.