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Reviews for "//Necropolis Prelude"

All for it!

Amesome man i looked at some of your other work before this.. and i've always been a fan.
And I love how you put the black people into the main characters..
The artwork kinda looks like static shock but it's more mature and badass..
I was just thinkin about when you were going to put more work on here.
Awesome.. Let me know if you want to use my music that i have on here.. or my voice i can do a good job with that.
If you want to hear my voice here's my music myspace
http://www.myspace.com/shavonesconcep ts

This is awesome dude

What da hell!!! it was so friking awesome!!!

I loved the plot and the details

Of course that the text is very deep and interesting.

I enjoyed a lot the voice acting, it sound so profesional and I guess I would have to see your other submisions =P because it really was something


Just clicked and watched this, you got a nice drawing style going on, Im guessing the actual movies are going to be pretty fun to watch.. Which leads to my next point... Now im going to watch the actual nightfun flashes and get back to you with them :)


Glad to finally see some black anime...

Outstanding, truly outstanding

Awesome animation. Very nice voice characterizations. May you continue to do well.