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Reviews for "//Necropolis Prelude"

"This What The Game Was Missing"

The Anime world is suffering from a complete lack a Black anime, Im tired of the 1 black girl with blond hair or black dude with crazy looks and pink lips. The Boondocks and Afro Samurai where the begining, I really think you should try and get this on t.v. No Im not saying it like it would be any easy task, but I believe if you made it to Adultswim......people are gonna watch. I see great potential im your work. You have vision, you should use it and keep moving foward regardless of the set backs. And if the world doesnt see you light, just remember,
"People wont be shore you've done anything, when you do things right" So stay up brotha, Im lookin out for tha nex installment!!!

JazLyte responds:

Preciate that alot, man, that's true encouragement. It'd be nice to get somethin' on TV, but I still need to develop my ideas and style a lil bit, but you've got me thinking!

Simple and interesting

A Good use for a Intro with enough details to know what's happening and it's Characters Jazz ^^ good use for the 45 seconds

JazLyte responds:

Thanks cuz, yup hehe apparently if you helped me start getting serious with flash 2 years ago and didn't know what was going on I needed to say something XD

Que mass

muy bien


I've been following your stuff since devil slayer, I have never commented on it but always gave it a 5. Mostly because I see so much potential in it all. When you started off your animations were decent and your voice acting was horrible(lol not trying to be rude) but I'm glad to see its metamorphosis into this which is truly some of your best work yet. Keep up Jazza lol.


Glad to finally see some black anime...