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Reviews for "A Really Great Night"


If you fail something funny happens XD so funny. great game btw

I like it

It have some variation witch is really good and the graphics are really nice. The only down side is that the girl could use a little but more animation.

Sounding like a huge porno perv but here goes

This is one of the best, if not the best, mature games on this site, the only downer is the climax. im agreeing with Octust her by saying the semen does look like toothpaste.

GG a few improvements suggested.

Stimulating to watch, could do with a bit more animation in the girls face. Also I think the sounds were a bit odd, but this is the norm for this kind of game...

Sounds like someone is poking their finger in a jar of something squishy rather than poking it, eh, somewhere else :)

One more thing: the semen looked a bit too much like toothpaste, in RL it is more runny and shiny. I'm sure you can research this if you want...

JoSilver responds:

BUT I did research! Did you know that id your semen is brown or green there is somthing wrong with with you. O.o

I swing both ways

I have seen alot omg. But this is pretty good sound and animation not an expert but Ill think its good. Oh better angle like the other gu saids