Reviews for "GemCraft"

Great game

I really like it a lot. Although my only problem with it is the fact that I cant get past the first epic battle. so im thinking its just a bit hard lol. But aside from that this game is freaking hella awesome. Make countless sequels please lol


I review rarely, but after spending a few days working on it, and finally beating it, feel the need for more. So please hurry up and get the second chapter out!

As for everyone complaining about the first epic boss, thats why its epic. You need to go back and redo the levels, and makre sure you get the most bang for your buck. By the time i was able to beat the first epic boss, i had 115,000 mana. so theres a tip to anyone having trouble.

I can't wait for the sequel!!

I LOVE tower defense games and this is the best I've played so far, and thats really saying something as I've played most of them. This game is just too good to play through in a day and is great for wasting time. Although I don't like the fact that only certain things are only available at armor games website (but this is how all armor games are :P)


The nostalgia is real.