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Reviews for "GemCraft"

fuckin legendary, fuckin OK

tis is fuckin beautiful, fuckin powerful, fuckin fun, fuckin good, fuckin no bugs and fuckin legendary

very satisfying

as much of a fan of defence games I am, i often run into pieces of shit, this is definately not one of those. I thought at first it would be a shitty rip off of another gem defence game i played, this was actually VERY different. Unfortunatally it was hard as balls and i couldnt get past the first "epic" level, but hey im going to keep trying beause this game is a great time waster and just plain fun.

seriously though, HARD AS BALLS!!!


i cant get past epic lvl 1 ive been playing it for like 4 days straight now the stradegy guide doesnt help but still awesome game im not giving up im gonna beat that pussy lvl 10/10 5/5 still best defense game evaaaa!

keep it up

Great game


Loved it if i had more time i would play all day!