Reviews for "GemCraft"

One of the best games on newgrounds!

I love all the Gemcraft games the graphics are amazing and they work well on my slow little computer.

Fun and addicting but...

In the middle of the game the ad would start loading a bar, once its finished there is no add, just a dimed screen and a frozen bar, cant clik no anything after that. No data is saved if this happens and it happenes alot! Another reason why ads are so anoying!


Damn! is fucking addictive! lol xD the game is great in every aspect. It deserves a glorious ten! and also i liked de no pop-up option ^^

i hate ADS like this in the game

i was so angry that i went to a website that have the same thing like this game and the ad closes who the hell puts ads on the game i know its for money and shit blah blah blah...
the game was good win i want to the website
(i'm not trying to hate the game in anyways i liket the game what pissest me off the most is the ADS nobody cares for that shit you want to have virses in your computer? no huh then why have ads its ok to have a bar for them NOT A VIDEO ON THE FUCKING GAME FOR A AD this is not for gameinabottle. i have to say atleast he worket hard on the game. people who do ads just make something up,make a video about some shit,get more money. they will pay for the video like ads to run but some do not some can get away this easy... ANYWAYS they was good for level one wish i can still play it but the fucking game got stuck and now i can't... can you fix the plomblem plz


Okay, so I tried this after I finished GemCraft Labyrinth. I knew I couldn`t expect better from an earlier game...
BUT was it REALLY necessary to have some pop-ups that can`t be closed and that make you have to redo a level? DX