Reviews for "GemCraft"

Fun game but I feel dumb, can't beat the first epic battle. The strategy guide was helpful in getting closer but not by much

It seemed like it would be a good game, but at both of the levels unlocked after the first level, a blue loading bar would load at the bottom of the screen as if there was an ad loading, no ad loaded, and I couldn't click anywhere. I reloaded the game and it didn't save my progress for beating that level. Tried it twice, same thing both times.

It was fun right up to where I saw the dreaded "if you really want to have fun, go somewhere else and spend money there"... There has to be a word for that that I don't know. And it sucks cause I want my games free and in one place. Is that too much to ask? :)


i couldnt progresss because of an ad? wtf, ive been playing here forever. i even clicked the silly ad, the game did not progress, stuck on empty screen that links to ad. is nothing sacred?

great game

After playing this game for a while i got so addicted, such a great game to pass the time, and the people people that keep complaining about the ads that dont go away here's an easy solution for the Internet Explorer just go to file and put the window to work offline after that the ads should stop, for other web browsers ur on ur own