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Reviews for "GemCraft"

i got all blue frames

i got all blue frames to see if there was a different ending. sadly theres not :( but fun game

in game ads???

previously i would have given this game a super 10 but now the gameplay is all effed up in the house! why sell out? go be an iphone app ass like those other sellouts don't do this to the NG crowd who supported you and gave you a place to openly distribute your work for the betterment and amusement of all. this makes me sad now.

this USED to be a great game

untill I came back to play it again, and now its showing me advertisements between each battle.... There should be a newground rule about this. One before the game is fine... but in game ads? Shame on you.

limiting the game to get people to go to your site

id give it a ten if not for all the advertisements, also, dont advertise your own website on someone elses, im not going to armorgames just cuss thats a dick move.

indeed sir!!! great game indeed!!

great game except for a commercial preloading on my end of level screen, then freezing (not the little one in the box, it was the kind that had the loading bar at the bottom). but ya great defense game, i like the way you did your upgrades.