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Reviews for "2008| Meet the Spy"

this is front page material

excellent in every aspect.
Visual, sound, humour!

why is there some border-line gay shit like "Birthday surprise" instead?
This should have taken that spot. Animations like these don't get the attention they deserve just because of poor judgement skills on Newgrounds administration side.. FIX IT! (is this site really becoming all about some stupid cock jokes and gay shit?)

That companion cube is not one of ours!

I loved this video, very well done. I'm also a fan of TF2, and If I was that first engineer, I wouldn't have just stood there staring ahead of me and trusting that medic.

Awesome awesome awesome

I'm a huge TF2 fan and I love the "Meet he..." videos. This was just as good as anything that Valve puts out and you did a great job of catching the art style of the game. It was well written and had good use of the TF2 soundbites. Just like the "Meet the..." videos, I wouldn't be surprised if Valve stole this..

I lol'd

As a fellow console TF2 fan (Valve will give us Pyro Update...hopefully), I lol'd hard at this. The spy's voice was a bit off, but it was good.

Also, I see what you did thar,.... companion cube mask.


"People always ask me, 'How do you do it?' I say, 'Have you ever played that game Hide and go seek? It's a lot like that...only you die."