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Reviews for "2008| Meet the Spy"

Good job

Pretty funny but it wasn't like the spy. The spy isn't crazy, in fact none of the classes are(Except the pyro, we don't know for sure yet.) And the voice acting wasn't the best either. It was ok and it causes chuckles but nothign worth remembering. 4/5 8/10


GREAT, but the real is better


It's like hide and go seek...ONLY YOU DIE!

Not bad but not good either

I admit, I chuckled once or twice, but this movie has nowhere near the quality of some of the other ones on NG. Work on that voice acting, and you might have something.

Graphics weren't half bad. ^^

7/10 and 3/5. Sorry... it's just mediocre.

somting abut music

the begin with engier on this music is from conker's bad fur day in war chapter