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Reviews for "2008| Meet the Spy"

Its "okay.."

The graphics were okay, a decent 7/10.

The voice acting... sounded nothing like the spy in the game. He sounded like a drunk man with a stick up his ass trying to impersonate Pepe' Le Pew. Oh, and why did the engineer sound like one of those red-necks from Blue-Collar TV. I give your voice acting a horrid 1/10.

Similarities to the game. Where do I begin... The spy has a striped tie, along with patches on his suit. The dispenser doesn't dispense those plus signs unless its healing someone. The spy's cig is on the wrong side of his face. etc... a generous 4/10.

Great adaptation

Just the simple fact that it has the similar feel of the official "Meet the..." videos made this fun to watch.

:-] hehe

that was relley funny but it would be funiesr if i had sound.......(sadness):-(


I'd say that I've seen cartoons that are both funnier and more parodist to their subject than this (Brawl Taunts and the Awesome Series for example). The animation was a good attempt, if a little broken, but the character models and backgrounds fitted well. The writing was decent, even if it wasn't laugh-out-loud-funny. The action wasn't good at all since all we saw were the same back-stabs over and over - even the medic turning out to be a spy was repeated toward the end. Perhaps instead of the repetition you could have used a little more imagination or just scaled it down to avoid it looking as though you'd ran out of ideas - which is how it seemed to me.


I like tha way that spy does his killing his wey,stealth,and obnoxiuos