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Reviews for "City Royale I"

Somebody Please Explain

Let me start by saying I don't want to single this Flash animator out. This submission was simply the top good score on the list. I've looked at others over the last 24 hours, and all the high-scoring animations seem to be the same: stick figures (or in one case, low-res refugees from a video game) kicking the shit out of each other. No story. No plot. Just the simplest possible characters (unless they were simply a circle, like "Jot" or "Blode") fighting to Heavy Metal music.

Constructive criticism? Try something that doesn't involve fighting stick figures. It's been done to death.

I'll admit, I've got a bad taste in my mouth right now, because I just had a Flash presentation sink off the list without a trace, ending with a 2.8 score. Most of the reviewers slammed me (most reviews gave me a "3" or a "4") which is okay--that's subjective--but what burned me was the content of the reviews. They said there was no story (there's no story to fighting stick figures either). They didn't like the raster-based images (which are vastly more artistic than these vector doodles: artists who can do strong vector work--Dave Lovelace comes immediately to mind--are the exception, not the rule), and they didn't understand that it was a PREVIEW, even though I said so in the description. A preview is not supposed to give the whole story away, but even so, it told more of a story than this does.

But I'm guessing the slow music I used, and edited to, is what really shot me in the foot. However, at least one reviewer specifically said he didn't like the high-res raster work.

This isn't so much a review of this piece, but of Newgrounds content--and the gamers that seem to dictate it--in general. If I knew of a better place to put this, I would. My distaste is not so much for the creator of this piece, who only appears to be supplying the same-old, same-old that is in demand, but of the AUDIENCE.

What's up with you people? Do you spend all your time in front of a screen stoked to the eyeballs on black-market Ritalin or crystal meth?

I don't get it. Perhaps this is only the bitching of one over-the-hill artist, but damn! If this is the kind of product that sells these daze, I'm glad my work is outdated.

Dossfilm responds:

I know how you feel.
The problem with newgrounds, and submitting flash pieces is that since this site is a complete democracy, your rank all depends on whos on at the time. It sucks. I've put out submissions that i thought were top notch (well at the time I did, it's that narcisism in me.) Anyhow, they would either get blammed or would get a really low score.

Anyway this review is a bit malicious, but i'll keep it anyway. This long thought out message should have been somewhere for the whole world to see, like on the forums. But you had to fuck up my review score. Oh well.

Thanks for taking the time to review. I'll try not to make the next one quite so much an instant fight animation, but instead have real substance.


not a game