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Reviews for "City Royale I"


I thought it was pretty cool. Nothing more, nothing less :P
Like to see your next flashes. (is that a word? >.<)

I though it was good...

Ok, Mr. Marchohare, I believe Newgrounds is for everyone and every submissions regardless if it has a plot or not, not all submissions need a plot at least he had way! more then a white backround and 2 sticks fighting

I see someone likes Dragonball Z

I like it. I'm into DBZ as well. Looking forward to the actual movie. Thanks again for reviewing my movie!

Not bad

Not a great fan of sticks, but I liked your approach. I liked how you took a new take by attempting at some different camera angles, but sometimes I couldn't tell what was going on. You have really great ideas and are a great director, but you need to spend more time on drawings. I suggest you buy a wacom pad if you haven't already and learn to draw better environments and characters and animate them more fluently. Overall, not bad. 7/10, 4/5. Good luck

Dossfilm responds:

thanks so much for the review.

and yah i've thought about getting one, but they are just too damn expensive. Even for a used one.

but thanks alot for the support.


6/10 because your graphic is good but the sound doesnt fit the atmosphere. open end a bit short too