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Reviews for "City Royale I"


great movie man, This is supposed how stickmans used to be drawn!
I loved the graphics in this movie, it's awesome! But whenver you gonna draw something again please make an story line this keeps people hanging arround, and they stay interested. ;) great music at the background, fitted nice in.
not much else than: I wish you good luck on your further progress. And mayby voice actor whenever you make an storyline... so no bubble balloons that just makes things worse.
well that's all I suppose...
good luck and farewell, I will check your account later on for more flashes. ;)
Oh and whenever you need music... I can make some for you mayby? :D
So you might want to check my stuff.

Dossfilm responds:

hey thanks alot.

yeah i just checked out your repotoire, it's some good shit.

I'll have to hit you up one of these days.

Add me as a buddy. and we'll talk something over.

I like it ...

alot :) thank you for this <3

Dossfilm responds:

for you raynecharley


Well, now.

Short, sweet, and to the point.


it was pretty good and i loved the music. i am just a sucker for stick firgures

Wasn't bad

Thanks for letting me know you actually /did/ put up a part 1, I wouldn't mind seeing this continued in the style you displayed with your "teaser".