Reviews for "Hey Jim"


It made me laugh for almost a half hour, nonstop.
My roommate couldn't figure out why I was laughing so hard until he saw it himself.


Took a while for me to get the joke at the end but once a i did i had a real good laugh from it,very creative and you did a swell job on this.


I love Yo Momma jokes, and these ones were pretty funny. The bag joke is pretty dirty though, but I like the doorknob one as well. TomaMoto is very talented at his voice acting, I'm glad you chose him. Your animation is pretty cool too, and I like the samll scren I got to watch it on. I hope to see more flashes of the etiquette in the future!


Huh..I dont get the 2nd joke...



I get the first joke, but what's with the 2nd joke!?
I don't get it can someone plzzz tell me what the punchline of that joke about paper bag is?

Thnx! ~darknessdweller

ImpendingRiot responds:

Jim says "Your mom is like this brown paper bag"

Jim then puts his hand in and out and in and out of the bag...

The bag is a metaphor for VAGINA.