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Reviews for "Weary Bones Intro"

im not

a big fan of these types with the weird shaped off bodies [barely] and stuff, but you put alot of effort into this and i can see this really going up to a high quality piece as you progress [just like how xin series did] [well, except xin started better] cant wait to see the final product =]


The animation skills are there definitely, and so are the charactors. It definitely needs more work though in my opinion, and If you do get someone to help with backgrounds, i think you'll be set. The camera angles and style looks cool. Maybe put even more time into the first episode. OH! but one thing that bothered me was that the title shot of weary bones. You used skulls for the o and e in bones, and so to me personally, i read bonos.


After seeing this intro, I definitely will not be watching this series.
Good luck with you're money making schemes, though.

Sweetcheeks12354 responds:

I will make lots of money with this scheme, and then I'll be the next BIll Gates BWAHAHAHAHA...I'm just kidding.

But seriously though, burn in hell :D

You put alot of work in this

This is a series I may look in to later