Reviews for "Hard Boiled Egg"

This may have gone over the heads of some people..

But believe I got it.. It makes sense and it raises an interesting thinking point about creativity. I think overcoming the critical views that others (ie society) in general make and challenging them is an important thing to bear in mind. Its slightly defeating if you live within the limits of what is stated in this short but its quite interesting if you've never thought of what is discussed in this short at the same time.

Well done and thank you for bringing something NEW to Newgrounds. Reviewise I have no complaints with this short, it needed no further explination and in no way did it need to be shorter or longer. Once again nice work. This is a true 10 out of 10 (And I dont give them out so easily).

That was so cool

that was so cool my life was new meaning LOLgreat work you get full marks from me

I liked it...

I liked it, but i also didnt get it it was great animation/narration, but i couldn't really bring myself to understand it 9/10 :D....

im with him

ya i have to say the same thing as the guy under me. it looks really good but i don't understand


that was cool but i didnt understand it completly, could you explain it for me??