Reviews for "Hard Boiled Egg"


That was great! Wish there were more vids on here like it!

Simply brilliant

i usually never even care that much to log in to my account but i must say this video was so good i actually logged on to review it first off i would love to say this was one of the best videos i have ever seen the way you expressed your idea was amazing and the message was so clear im glad to see that there are artists around that do these type of films i really enjoyed viewing this movie and hope to see more from you in the future


that was clearly a very good discription but i dont know what the telephone was for????

Fierras responds:

it was a timer. if you listen closely you'l hear it ticking as well.


The collaberative creative process down to a t. visually interesting with a witty narrative with minimum effort :p


I mean, dont review it if you dont understand lol!
The title and description says it all.

Anyway, good one.