Reviews for "ComiX Episode Three!"

Not as good as your others

well,ive seen better from you...it was kinda funny... but i didnt laugh,so i give it a 7...

DAGamesOfficial responds:

meh, can't please everyone can I? ah well.


hahahahahahaha ot funny


wtf is with extra 2 lol

DAGamesOfficial responds:

LOL, well that's what yu do when yu fart, you feel a sense or relief :P


i have to agree with seththetart, humour those acting and animation were all lacking. don't get mad just tellin' the truth.

DAGamesOfficial responds:


too good

u r the best man
i loved everything but i am very angry about 2 things!!!!!!
1. u never added the lima beans
2. u never added nano

DAGamesOfficial responds:

glad ya liked it. and hey don't be mad at me, be mad at the file size >_< otherwise I would have added them