Reviews for "ComiX Episode Three!"

Keep this series going!

I love it!
Nice art
good animation

Keep it up! don't make me pull the face...

I skipped school to watch this!?

Meh, I was gonna skip anyway =3 I love this and it gives me a good enough reason, now what to do about all the dead bodies lying around?


lol "And now for some racist comments from Joe Ryan" funniest ever XD

best series ever!!

its one of my fav movies too!!

Don't make me pull the face...!

I told you I couldn't manage to watch this on my PC. But I did say MY PC. I DID, however, manage to watch it on a DIFFERENT PC.

Anyway, I thought that this movie was awesome, epsecially with all the humor it contained. But I have to ask you something: did you actually play "World of Warquest" while you were making this movie? Just curious, that's all.

Anyway, 10/10!