Reviews for "ComiX Episode Three!"


juz makes me laf

DAGamesOfficial responds:

lol good :P

Don't make me do the face!!! =)

Lmao I think that was so freakin funny I can't wait for part 4 to come out. ^^

DAGamesOfficial responds:

yu mean Episode Four :) and thanx :D

Not funny

This isn't funny. The animation is... Okay at best. The humor was very hit and miss. Mostly miss. And the voice acting was hashed. Just not a good thing. I honestly don't know how this made front page.

DAGamesOfficial responds:

apparently the animaion is good, the humor was apparently a HUGE success, and apparently there was no problem with voice acting. this is coming from a LOT of newgrounds users. k? that's why it made weekly best not front page, what the hell are you talking about, its not been on front page :(

anyway, seeya


I just loved when this part:

Gordonn: Night Elf, doesnt hurt to try. Hey this isnt bad. OH MY GOD! ITS A BIGGER TREE *Starts Dacing* ;DD

Waiting for ep4

DAGamesOfficial responds:

lol glad ya liked it :D lol well it's true, there are some pretty damn awesome trees huh? lmao


thats pearty fuckin cool!

DAGamesOfficial responds:

awesomez :P glad ya liked it :)