Reviews for "Nico-do 2nd - Kirbomix~"


ok so, first review and probably last review of this song for 2016, I remember seeing this awkward and kinda catchy song years ago, my internet took like 15 centuries to load this (nowadays it takes two seconds) and not knowing what i was expecting.

I barely know whats happening in this now but I know that this beautiful cast of handsome people are singing some japanime anime songs.

This was obviously just a bunch of dumbass friends messing around in their recording programs while listening to this song.

As said before this song is super awkwardly done but their are alot of catchy parts (the singing makes it catchy, i ain't talkin about the background music)

also thank cz for the backlash

Love it P.S. Tell Rina-Chan i said hey please and thank you.
- Your friend


Very random, makes little sense and somewhat confusing. But still, awesome job!

I remember the first time I saw this, I got like none of the refrences.

And then I see it again today and I got less than half.

And then I looked up the source and I only recongize a little over half of the places the songs come from

I wonder why Kamen Rider and Super Sentai music don't seem to be very popluar on NND yet prince of tennis the musical does.

I mean Kamen Rider Decade is played by one of the guys from that musical (seriously!) not that Decade was a very good show mind, probably one of the worst crossovers before Super Hero Taisen (seriously Toei screwed up big time and they won't even care because such a crossover will earn em big bucks anyway).