Reviews for "Nutronic - Run Away (xKor"

THIS.. is...

Is.. just....

This is incredible. I love dubstep, but im PICKY, so when I hear a good dubstep song (which is a rare thing to find) it makes my ears orgasm. This was incredible, definitely gave me the chills. I want to hear more of this, this was just incredible. You definitely get the highest score I can possibly give you.

I know very few people on newgrounds that make good quality, none b.s., music, and you just got on that small list of people. ;3

5/5 10/10

Something I didn't expect to find on Newgrounds!

I was randomly on the site today browsing for some good Electronic music, especially dubstep and DnB. Then I came across this. At first I thought it was gonna be classic dubstep with it's usual style of sounds...

...but then I got caught in this song's sound.

Seriously bro. This song sounds so unique, I haven't the slightest clue where you could have gotten the inspiration to create something of this magnitude. :D

What separates this from a 8-9 score is the fact that this is one of the FEW songs of dubstep, or any electronic genre, that has GOOD vocals with lyrics. I tend to stay away from songs with words in the electronic genres, but this song actually got IMPROVED by the addition of lyrics. Bravo.

A few questions, I hope you don't mind:

- What program did you use?
- Did you use your own voice?
- Where did you get these awesome samples?

I've been meaning to make a few pieces of Dubstep and other genre songs myself, but don't know where the hell to start. Hopefully if you answer those questions I can perhaps be able to start my own masterpieces.

Awesome song 10/10,

Simply amazing!

Normally, I don't listen to this kind of music. Yet as useual, I listen to the top 5 each time I visit. This song has just captivated me. Something that hasn't happened to me from anything on newgrounds in a long time. The beat is soothing, causing me to relax but create somewhat more of saddened images as well. The voice is perfectly fluent in the song, no signs of chppiness or getting of tone. If there is a newgrounds hall of fame for audio, you would get my vote for admission. Keep up the good work and I look forward to listening to future pieces.

"Tear drop"

This is beautiful. It sounds amazing, and really makes me feel sad. (That's not a bad thing btw) Thank you for making such a wonderful masterpiece

awesome song

great song dude keep up the awesome work!