Reviews for "Nutronic - Run Away (xKor"


you should doing sets on an international tour and a major label with shit this good. This isn't even funny anymore. Why in the world aren't you famous...?? F**king A.

Hey bro!

As a fellow music producer I feel like I have more of an appreciation as to the effort that goes into the music, and effort is exactly what you put in. This shit is amazing man, keep it up!!!


This is an interesting twist on dubstep to be sure. Honestly, everything about it is perfect. Its varied, it has the beat, and hell it even has good vocals!

The only thing that wasn't there was some nasty, prominent dubstep wobbling that I usually just expect. But, nothing says it has to be there. Everything else in the song certainly merits not using it. :)

This is what I need.

This is what i need to get a friend going again...Thank you.


I don't really like Dubstep music but this, man, was awesome. I'm actually looking forward to hearing more work from you 'cause I'm starting to get into a Dub a slight-bit. Awesome work!