Reviews for "MIRC"


this game is awsome, i hardly give reviews , and this is good enouf 4 1, this is goin' on faverites list #1. :v]

Fun and Creative

Creative game play. It was actually very fun, but was a bit tedious. I wouldn't consider it to be insanely hard because all you had to do was hit the cube back and forth between the wall very fast and it'll pretty much take out any missiles. It was an all around neat game.

Great game

Though, I wouldn't call it difficult. In my first game I got...
4 cubes
Level 35
Score 91350

Not too hard...

I like it.

First game 82470 4 cubes and lvl 27 awsome gameplay style. Awsome song

;O sweet ;P

this games awsome , cool music too :P
i got to lv 29 with 67920 and 4 cubes ;)
make a mirc 2!