Reviews for "MIRC"


Extremely unique and a great innovation on a classic. The difficulty wasn't too bad, one or two playthroughs got you used to it fast.

As you got more cubes, it seemed easier to just keep the cubes in the air and getting random hits instead of actually aiming, which was already difficult. I guess I mean that it gets harder then easier then harder again, which is an odd feeling.

Very, very good. A lot can be built on this, I'm glad you submitted it. 5 and 10.


this game is crazy and awesome. jolly good fun

great, work, but

yuo shoulda added upgrades and stuff :) bgood


That was a lot of fun. It got easier when I was down to one base, though... four cubes versus clustered missiles lets you just keep them centered in one area. Maybe there should be occasional bonuses that pop up that you can collect, but they dissapear after three hits or something?

great job

very original. takes a lot of getting used to but addicting and fun. nice