Reviews for "Stick Fight 3"

Could of been better

Well I was Ok. The animation was a little dodgey at times, but it was good overall.


Arite, I got how to make this amazing;
As much as i like the band 'Bad Religion' (Their song I love my computor is awesome), but the song wasnt all that good
ok, next, you should have shrunk the size of the feild of animation, as tonnes of the space is wasted
then, you should add a nice background
finally, make it so the name spells good (Make the T lower case)
Overall, I liked it, keep up the good standard of work

Not bad...

Overall it's not really that bad a flash. You just have to work on a few things. I think you need to continue working on your drawing skills; if you haven't already invested in a drawing pad, you should get one. The backgrounds could use some work, but I sorta like your style. Keep working at it, and you can be the next great Flash animator.

Pretty Average.

But nice idea.


It wouldn't have hurt to extend this a little and add more content.