Reviews for "Governor of Poker"

All I have to say really is...

Addicting. Great job!


The most important thing about a poker game imo is the AI, and in this game it's one of the best I've ever seen, impressive.

Also, the scenario is cute and the career-mode is fun.

One small suggestion: in the cash-games, the players shouldn't leave immediately when they are busted, they should buy-in again at least occasionally - that's what cash games are all about.

Youdagames responds:

Thanks for the suggestion!

great but

too bad thats its a demo...
all in all it was a great addicting game!

very fun and cool twist to the regular poker game

i like the humor of it as well with the hats at the table and that goofy laugh in the tournament hope there is going to be a gop 2 where you take over other parts of the country

Great Game

Fantastic, very addicting. Considering buying the full version, Does that come on your desktop or is it still online? (Premium version)