Reviews for "Governor of Poker"


I am giving it an 8 becaus it was good n all but their were a few minor glitches i had 5 cards that were the same suit and i lost 2 a pair of 3's that was gutin i ad bet all of my chips:( but when u quit u can get a lil back out of the decisions


There were a few things about this.I really love poker, I really do.But it's jsut too darn slow.I love how all the people actualy move, and knock, and the dealer says what's going on, but all that, even though it was really well done, lowered to score, it made it slower, and I got bored quickly.Plus I don't like how you couldn't raise as much as you wanted to.there wasa set amount.Overall, 6/10, 3/5.Alright game.

Youdagames responds:

You missed:
The Horseshoe raise dragger.
You missed the speed adjuster in the top menu.
You missed the skip and fold button.
All of that is in the game all the points you citicize are in there.

Really well made.

Would've been a 10 except it seems like some winning hands don't make sense. I had a straight that the computer decided lost against a pair of queens. Might be just a glitch in the logic, though. I had a ten and a ten was also in the first three cards.

Top notch, other than that.


I've played a lot of poker games, online, on game systems, you name it. Despite the good, easy to read graphics and simple game play of this game, it was extremely slow paced, and therefore got boring extremely fast. I played for maybe 10 minutes and just gave up.

Possible to win a house from bet?

I love the graphics.
I wonder what if computer opponent bet on his house (with the key on the table pushed forward) and I won that hand,
will I get the house after that round?

Youdagames responds:

If your table money covers the value of his house you will get his house.
If not then his house gets sold to a temporary bank and you get your winnings in money.