Reviews for "Androkids"


arrow keys=move space=bomb shift=jump LEVEL EDITOR CONTROLS=esc=back

and thats about it by the way great game!

I like it :D

Well, it's got good graphics and good sound (Some actionscript needs to be fixed, if you go over the buttons too much it repeats the voice even when its playing so i suggest you fix that as the voices keep overlaping) The voices are good and the tutorial is perfect for a person to understand what to do. Good Job

Simple and fun

It was a change from all the other violent games on newgrounds and it didnt take long to load but i wish you could jump higher in it.

A kids version of Android

Hmm...for a kids game it was quite nice...A little TOO easy. Once I realized the life system I just ran right through the enemy to get the coins and completed the level without a problem anyway. (Yes, I realize it was for younger children but you ARE able to just run through the spikes and enemies and complete the level)

I like the paper drawing style of it and all. Nicely done with that.

...Android itself reminds me of the old DOS game "Jetpack", with the custom levels and all...just with less kinds of enemies, no teleporters or switches and of course no jetpack and bombs instead.

Overall 9/10

Yippeh! indeed little man

This is great - it's nice to know something innocent and fun still exists out there to battle against the inevitable warping of the young minds.
Everything from the music to the sounds to the hand-drawn crayon style was excellent...reminded me of that show Stickin' Around. Definitely made me smile warmly every time that nice lady said "go to the magic door"...tee hee!