Reviews for "Androkids"

warning,this may be hazardous to your kids health

1st:bombs,this way motivate your kid to lay bombs what could cause serious injuries or death.
2nd:the fruits,the kid will see that fruits make it happy and it will eat fruits whch will lead to an overdose of viatmins.
3rd:the drawings,this will motivate your kid to draw in this style and not become an millionaire artist......
4rth:the clothes,you are a naked stickman what could motivate kids to be naked too.

suitable for mature audiences


I know it's for kids, but that voice in the background gets really annoying, really fast. Plus, landing on spikes or hitting enemies should cause an instant restart, not 'make you sad'. I doubt even little kids would enjoy this, especially the levels where the enemies are completely seperated from your path. And I agree with MikeAnolfo, bombs should at least disable the enemies for a while if not outright destroy them. Overall, a poor game.

Not on this site

It takes too long to be able to climb a ladder, your bombs do nothing but explode ground, the game is developed in blocks. And the worst of all is the voice acting. Not only was I unaware of some girl talking she had a low pitched voice. You need a strong clear voice for instructions. And don't repeat the same voice after you defeat a level.

Nothing really interesting, but it's okay.

If you have any little kids in your family they would probably like this game a lot. It's too long though, and gets dull after a while.

lode runner for kids

gives my lil bro something to do