Reviews for "Androkids"


The voices were very annoying, kinda babyish (for example, the woman says if you touch them they will make you sad, rofl), the jump button doesn't work and it's very easy. Apart from that it's good!

shame bout the ending, but good

good game, shift doesnt work for jump though, but you dont need it coz of ladders and springs anyway....

50levels, coulda done a lil ending for it :P but not the end of the world, good game

pretty good

all the crits so far i agree with but just want to add one more. some kids don't see well, you may want to make the characters slightly larger or make the color between your character and the NPCs more drastic so you can spot your character a little more easily in the thick of things.


but to fucking long

Entertaining, as kids' games go

Pretty well put together game here. I've thought about making a game in that drawn-on-paper kinda style, and it was pulled off well in this case. The jump didn't work in this build, though perhaps your game is in admin-approval limbo at the moment. Either way, I don't think a jump was necessary. Not being able to jump provided the only serious challenge of the game. Using clever navigation of the springs and ladders to evade the AI was decently entertaining. That said,the AI was largely perfect for its purposes, but there were a couple of places where it would get stuck in a two-block area housing one of the tokens, so you really had no choice but to get hurt. Course this is rare, so you'd probably never die from it, but still a slight bother. Two more bits of constructive crit and then I'll shu'up. The bomb aspect was really underused. I actually forgot it existed for a span of about 15 levels until it was necessary again in level 22. Also, the level repetition was kinda weak. The game was plenty long with the number of unique levels it had, so the repetition seemed pretty unnecessary. Could have just added those levels as a 'mode B' or something.
Anyhow, all of those are just suggestions on how this could be better. It's already a great little game and I stuck through it happily till the levels began to repeat.