Reviews for "Androkids"

Childish for sure!

The game stands for it's purpose. It does open the door for a younger and safer view of newgrounds. The first time I ever came on newgrounds there was no adult section.. It was all good.. lol.


a perfect games for little ones, easy to play, easy to win! it was addicting even for a grown up. all these bad reviews are by people too lame to read that its FOR KIDS!!! a great way to introduce the littlest gamers to NG!


it was cute,but I think that kids get the idea after five levels of "blah blah blah magical door"


Reoper, how in the hell of hells, is this game bad for kids!?..This is't the kind of games you people are used to probably, but I think it's probably fun for some kids, God. And i don't think kids are going to seriously be laying bombs everywhere, running nude, (I didn't even notice that and I doubt anyone else did) overdose on vitamins (what the hell!?) and not be a millionare artist (a game is not changing that, and besides, is everyone who hasn't played this game a millionare artist?) so yeaa.I probably sounded really..yea but just chill out ok. It's a kid game.

aaww every1s bein rly mean bout this

i think its cute

and addictive

gawd u guys need to chill out and ave some fun instead of just masterbatin over WoW porn